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About us

Welcome to Fair CFO

Our company, Fair CFO, is one of the leading companies in India providing finance effectiveness services across industry verticals. The new evolving nature of today’s businesses has let the Fair CFO services in demand to work with consultants and minimize the risk of any financial state; it can be non-compliances, incomplete information, lack of internal skills, etc. Fair CFO doesn’t just play an advisory role but works with the customers as our own business. Our ten years of experience has made a robust ecosystem for us; our in-depth knowledge in the field makes our client trust us. Fair CFO welcomes all the clients and ensures to assist you all by minimizing the risks of any accounting services. We Fair CFO, subsequently, we can offer our customers issue free, savvy and incredible benefits.

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Our History

Fair CFO is the top tier re-appropriated financial firms in India since 2013. We have worked with an alternate scope of customers across thousands of ventures. Our company is like a one-stop answer for every type of business or even for a person searching for tax assessment, account and legitimate services. We have begun from an office in Gurugram in 2011 to serve our best sets of services across India. Presently, we have extended to Delhi, Mumbai. It’s been ten years since we have been providing our services, keeping customer satisfaction as our top priority. We have experts emplaned with us all over India, and we are working with…



To empower customers to deal with their developing business accounts, compliances, corporate services and furthermore address their essential pre-requisites by giving convenient and exact proficient exhortation along these lines enabling them to accomplish their authoritative objectives and goals.



At Fair CFO, we aim to focus on our customer’s most perplexing issues and qualities. Alongside giving master exhortation and arrangements, we trust in completing things gracefully, increasing businesses’ value and stability.

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