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QuickBooks Accounting

We assist Indian start-ups and businesses with accounting and bookkeeping services remotely, without physically being present in India.

We do all of the functions of a hired accountant at a fraction of the cost. As a result, it benefits both small and large business owners.

As we all know, virtual accounting is the future generation of accounting and offers numerous advantages over traditional accountants:

  • Pocket-friendly & Time-Saving
  • Effortless – Instant access to your financial data 24/7
  • Contributes to a variety of accounting functions, including financial accounting, management accounting, and fund accounting.
  • 100% Online process
  • Get it done sitting home

    You won’t regret taking services from us:

    With our Virtual Accounting Package, we at Fair CFO ensure that you receive the feel of an in-house finance team.

    We take a transparent and direct approach to all of your accounting concerns.

    • Dedicated Finance Team led by a Certified Public Accountant for your organization
    • Payroll management with cloud-based software accessible to all workers
    • A functional company email address for any account-related correspondence. For instance,
    • Bank Account Access: We handle all of your transactions, but only with your agreement.

      Documents Required


      Quick Checklist:

      Photographs of all Directors
      All of the Directors’ PAN Cards
      Directors’ identification (driver’s license/passport/voter ID)
      For proof of the Registered Office’s address, use an electricity bill or another utility bill.


      Particular Requirements

      In addition, recent documents, such as a bank statement or an electric bill, should be used.

      A utility bill, rent agreement, or sale deed, as well as a NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) from the landlord granting permission to use the office as a company’s registered office, must be supplied.

      Why choose us?

      Experienced Management team

      Our trained chartered accountants, CA, and senior manager (s) have extensive industry and consulting experience.

      Outsourced online Accounting services Experience

      We service over 100 enterprises ranging from start-ups to SMEs and industries in the National Capital Region and other parts of India.

      Clients from a variety of industries

      Our outsourced accounting services are tailored to the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, shipping, logistics industries, retail and wholesale, restaurant and hospitality, and technology and telecommunications.

      Robust Infrastructure

      Spacious office equipped with modern amenities, 24-hour backup power, and dedicated high-speed internet connectivity.

      Quickbooks Online Accounting - What Is It?

      Accounting services are delivered online in real-time through a real-time database and performed remotely via the cloud. This accounting can be accomplished via a variety of cloud-based accounting tools. Quickbooks is the most widely used program. Quickbooks Online Accounting Software features a multi-user interface and real-time data updates.


      A virtual accounting system, also known as an online accounting system, is a competent expert who performs bookkeeping and accounting services remotely rather than physically at the client’s office.

      Virtual accountants are critical in managing your financial records. Their primary objective is to give you precise and dependable services at an affordable price.

      The Virtual CFO will supervise a team of financial and accounting professionals.

      Our financial and accounting services are priced competitively. Our Professional cost structure varies according to the complexity and type of the project, the required skill set, the technology employed, and the duration of the agreement.