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GST Returns

Prepare and Submit Your GST Return
You will receive the following
Consultation on GST
Calculation of GST
Filing GSTR 3B & GSTR 1
Register your Public Limited Company with us today!
100% Online process
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Tracing your application

    Get an identity free of cost!

    If you are worried about your company’s name, we will check the availability of the company name at no charge.

    Just send us the names you want to give your company, and we will handle the rest.

    The checking database of the company’s name includes:

    •  MCA database

    •  Trademark Registry Database

    •  Domain database

    The results would help you to choose smartly among all the available options.

      Why should you choose Fair CFO?


      End-to-end compliance

      Whether you’re creating GSTR1/GSTR2/GSTR3, calculating your tax liabilities and input tax credits, or filing your returns, Zoho GST complies with GST law and assists you in remaining GST-compliant.


      Hassle-free reconciliation

      Fair CFO simplifies reconciliation by automatically matching purchase transactions from your GSTR2 to the GSTR1 of your vendor. All that is required is to alter or approve transactions that do not match the GSTN.


      Secure filing on the cloud

      We employ OTP authentication when uploading transactions to the GSTN and digital signature verification when reporting GSTRs, ensuring the security of your GST filing procedure.


      Let's learn bout GST Filling

      Each GST-registered business in India is legally required to file 26 GST returns within a fiscal year. It may appear not easy to adhere to the requirements, but with the correct online advice from the GST specialists at Fair CFO, you will be able to perform all necessary tasks with ease. Taxpayers must pay GST filings within a specified period, as the Government of India uses these returns to determine the country’s total tax due.


      Yes. GST is required for all commercial entities. It applies to all types of traders, manufacturers, and service providers. It may also include writers, bloggers, and dealers who have registered their creative works.

      Yes. Fair CFO accepts applications for online GST Return Filing from any taxpayer. Our GST professionals will walk you through the entire process.

      Yes, taxpayers can adjust their filing frequency after they file their first return during a fiscal year. They are, however, permitted to use this clause just once.

      In the event of document denial, intimidation will occur only after the recipient files their return.