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The Easiest, Quickest, And Most Economical Method Of Filing Your Tax Return!

Personal information technology return

Place your trust in tax professionals to prepare and file your income tax returns.

NRI IT Refund

We assist you in legally reducing your tax obligations.

We assist you in determining your exact tax liability and ensuring that you receive the correct refund filing.

We prepare individual income tax returns, as well as those for corporations, partnerships, and trusts.

    Documents Requirement

    • Basic information such as the taxpayer identification number (PAN), the Aadhar card number, and a detailed description of the present residence will be required.
    • Bank account information for the current fiscal year will be requested. It is a required disclosure when filing an ITR.
    • Additional disclosures involving wages, fixed deposits, and savings bank accounts are required.
    • Details on the deduction sought under section 80.
    • Information on how to file TDS returns and make advance tax payments.

      Why choose Fair CFO?

      Simple, Secure, and Quick

      The simplest and fastest way to electronically file your income tax return! With 256 bit SSL encryption, your information is safe and secure.


      Our in-house experts ensure that our platform complies with all applicable tax requirements regarding return filing computations.

      “If we make a mistake, we correct it.”


      We will never sell or disclose your information with anyone outside of Fair CFO. It enables us to maintain not only a clean image but also a thin and mean physique!

      Always available to assist you

      As far as we are aware, return filing is not a ‘file-it-and-forget-it’ service. Instead, our procedures ensure that we are with you throughout the process – preparation, filing, assessment, scrutiny, liaison, rectification, and return.

      E-FILING OF INCOME TAXES | Online Filing of Income Tax Returns in India

      Individuals/HUFs/Associations/Businesses provide information about their income throughout the fiscal year and, if applicable, the income tax owed. Income tax e-filing becomes necessary once the assessee’s total income is computed from all sources and the assessee’s subsequent income tax is calculated. Different ITR forms are required depending on the source of income.

      The source of income refers to the method by which it is generated—salaries, income from housing assets, income from a business or occupation, income from capital gains, income from other sources (interest)—earnings, etc. The income tax e-filing method has also been enhanced due to the advancement and expansion of technology.

      Perks of Online Income Tax Filing


      Avoid fines and scrutiny

      Non-compliance with income tax e-filing standards will result in a high penalty and subsequent examination of accounts by income tax authorities. Income tax e-filing allows you to avoid these fines.


      Enhance creditworthiness

      The ITR is the first thing on the financial institution’s checklist before finalizing your credit loan approval. Your credit score will improve if you file your IT returns on time and without any defaults.


      Make amends for losses

      If income tax is not filed, unadjusted losses or shortfalls cannot be carried forward to the following fiscal year. Carry forward of company losses is available only through the electronic filing of income tax returns.


      TDS deduction and submission of an income tax return are not synonymous. A tax return is filed to demonstrate that you have paid all applicable taxes.

      The income taxpayer may claim a refund of excess tax by completing an income tax return. The department will return the taxpayer via ECS transfer. It must be assured that bank details such as account number, IFSC code, and so on are appropriately included in the ITR form.

      No, no further paperwork is required when filing an income tax return. However, authorities may request documents for assessment, investigation, or other purposes.

      To avoid fraud, you should never reveal your PAN or password information. For income tax return filing, you can seek assistance from chartered accountants and CA businesses. For this aim, we have a dedicated staff of chartered accountants.