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Shop Act. Registration

Documents Requirement


Employer's Passport Size picture


Shop photo with the owner


Management Employee List


Wage rates


Details of employees currently at the establishment


Weekly employee holidays


Establishment proof address


Owner's photo-ID


Company's MOA & AOA


Company Incorporation Certificate

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      About Shop and Establishment Act

      The Shops and Establishment Act is primarily developed concerning unorganized sector employees and employers. The primary goal of this act was to give their legal responsibility and authority to employers and employees engaged with unorganized employment. In addition, the Shops and Establishment Act aims to regulate the status of work and employment in shops, business establishments, in-house hotels, restaurants, restaurants, theatres and other public entertainment venues.

      Under this act, each state can create its laws per state. Therefore inequality can be noticed in different forms, working hours, holidays, government holidays, service rules, daily pay, etc. The Shops and Establishment Act was structured to govern the wages, working hours, vacations, holidays, service, and other working conditions of employees in the shop and other commercial enterprises.

      Every Indian state has adopted certain working conditions, norms and regulations. The goal is to provide uniform benefits for employees working in various establishments, from stores, commercial establishments and residential hotels to restaurants, theatres and other public entertainment or entertainment venues.

      Each store and establishment must compulsorily register under this act within 30 days of commencing work. Since this is such a simple license, many additional licenses require this as proof of business.

      Under the Shop and Establishment Act, every business must request the Labor Department’s approval and preserve up-to-date records of employment data, fines, deductions and advances, wages and vacations. State-to-state requirements may differ. Annual holidays and the number of employees must be provided annually to the Municipal Corporation office.

      Yes, it’s compulsory. For any establishment that falls within the area specified under the Government Act, registration is mandatory for every shop/establishment, and any contract worker is required to obtain a license.