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Trademark Registration

Indian trademark protection method is quick and straightforward. The applicant is obliged to follow the guidelines as established by the regulatory authorities.

Fair CFO is here to assist you with:

  • Advice on acquiring trademark registration in India
  • Information, search, and application for registration in India
  • Collecting paperwork and submitting documents together with the application.
  • Compliance guidance on Indian trademark registration

    Documents Requirements

    • Applicant’s name
    • Business type
    • Business purpose
    • Registered brand name
    • Registration address proof
    • Applicant’s identity and business proof. It can be the Aadhar card, driving license, passport, ration card, or ID of the voter;
    • Using the Tagline Logo
    • Forms 48
    • Proof of the Trademark’s claim (which applies) can also be used in any other country applicants’ signed attorney power.

      Trademark Registration Process with Fair CRO

      Trademark registration is more complicated than one might expect. At Fair CFO, we make it easy for you to split it into three parts and take care of most labor.

      Step - 1

      Trademark Search

      Once you tell us the basic information about what you want to register and the industry you operate in, our experts will thoroughly scan the trademark database. This is to check whether the mark you seek is available or not.

      Once you decide on a trademark, we will jump onto the next step.

      Step - 2

      Class Selection and documents collection

      The following process is to select the class(s) for your business. You needn’t worry too much. Our experts will aid you in picking the proper lessons to address all business topics. You can also start uploading all essential papers (list given below) to your dashboard for trademark registration.
      Step - 3

      Trademark application filing

      Once you upload all documents, our team will verify them. Then the application form will be filled up on your behalf and submitted with the papers. Our staff will assure accuracy and error-free application.
      We will keep you updated throughout the process and look for any Trademark Registry alerts until registration is finalized.
      Meanwhile, after the application is submitted, you can start using the TM sign!

      About Trademark Registration

      A trademark can be defined as the unique identification that distinguishes your organization, product, or service from the others. A registered trademark is your intellectual property/intangible asset. It protects the investment of trust and loyalty among your customers.

      Registration grants the right to sue anyone who tries to steal your trademark and prevent others from using a trademark similar to your registered brand.

      In India, trademark law was initially addressed throughout the 19th century, which finally led to the creation of the 1940 Trademark Act. The Trademark Act, 1940 was replaced by the Trademark Act, 1958. This act consolidated the regulations of trademarks under the Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code, and Sea Customs. However, the Trademark Act, 1958 was further repelled by the Trademark Act, 1999, which currently regulates trademark law in India.

      Mark Registry classed goods and services under 45 classes. Each class contains a host of goods/services and, depending on what you offer, you need to mention the class(s) on your application. The trademark would be registered under those classifications only.

      If your mark resembles an existing application, it would damage religious feelings, contain geographical names or famous words. It would likewise be rejected if confused.

      Use the TM symbol once you file the application and receive an acknowledgment. Once the registration process is complete, you can go with the sign of trademark.

      You can’t get the term, but not all. Instead, you may develop and add a distinctive logo for your firm. So there’s a way out, but a unique name is ideal.